rice chicken casserole (rcc)

rice and chicken casserole 4 all you fans of the classic leftover dishes!

prep time: 15 mins

cooking time: 20-25 mins

1 + 1/3 cup water [@themostchillbro’s dad says this is a good ratio and we approved]

1 cup rice [basmati rice ftw]

1 cup pre-shredded Mexican blend cheese [we went south of the border on this recipe!]

1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese [idk which Monterey this came from but it’s delish]

1/2 a dice tomato [@kolleflower may have snuck (sneaked?) in a little more to satisfy his tomato addiction]

Rotisserie chicken [Andrew used to pronounce it ro*ti*sair*ee]

Old Bay seasoning [ah yes ye olde bay]

pinch of salt [it might be dreaming!]

preheat the ov to 375 degrees fart-enheit (lol). make however much rice you will need to fill your casserole dish, leaving an inch or two at the top for the chicken, cheese, ect. These were some (im)precise measurements we used.

quicktip: if you dont have any rice handy, or don’t feel like taking the time to boil water and all, there are some great frozen option that take a fraction of the time, and if you are really lazy you can always run down to the local chinese restaurant  and pick up some of that cooked rice thats’s probably been sitting in that same cooker in that same chinese restaurant for the past 3 years

cut, pick, bite that white meat off of your half priced chicken that you picked up the night before or even the night of for your late-eaters, but don’t do a good job on cutting it up cause we sure didn’t.

spread the rice evenly into a casserole dish

cover the rice with that chicken that you  plucked from the rotisseried-bird

for some awesome flavor sprinkle (generously) with old bay seasoning

add some diced tomatoes fo dat veggie

then sprinkle/grate cheese over the top covering the rest of the casserole

cook for 20-25 mins at 375 with tin foil covering the casserole

voilee! enjoy


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