“dude, what’s in the fridge?”

part of a college education is learning how to live resourcefully. not only are we all living on tight budgets, but we are also figuring out a lot of things for the first time on our own, like how to catch and kill the gang of mice that like to hang around our stove (more on that in another post). very frequently we aren’t going to have access to all of the creature comforts that we once did in high school like we mentioned earlier. no more mothers to do the laundry, clean the bathrooms, wash the dishes, ect. so we improvise, using what comes easily to acquire what comes more difficultly. our good-looks and charm, for example, become good leverage when trying to convince some of the female tenants in our building to do some of our dirty laundry (everyone knows that women put more love into laundry than anyone of us could ever hope to).

these same principles of bartering and living resourcefully are maybe most importantly explored and practiced when it comes to the kitchen. just the other night, after a late afternoon chill sesh with @watchthewiggums and Halle, the inevitable question was raised, “dude, what’s for dinner?” feeling lethargic after the first day of classes, no one really wanted to venture to Treasure Island, and to be frank none of us were looking to spend much money after a dough-draining “o-week.” so the question then became, “dude, what’s in the fridge?”

we quickly remembered that two nights ago during a late-night venture to Treasure Island we picked up a half priced rotisserie chicken; one of the best kept secrets of most grocery stores nation-wide is the “half-priced late-night rotisserie chicken.” basically the grocery stores can’t sell a day old rotisserie, so at the end of the day whatever they don’t sell they have to throw away. thus in order to move the chickens and minimize the amount they toss, usually about a half hour before close they half price the chicken. so we had our first ingredient and the anchor for our meal. because cooked chicken is one of the easiest and most dynamic ingredients for a left-over based meal, the half-price rotisserie  becomes one of the most powerful tools in the refridge.

after a little more rummaging around we found some rice, cheese, and tomatoes. at my house whenever we had leftover chicken my mother would always make a rice, chicken, and cheese casserole. i wouldn’t say that my brother, sister,  and i dreaded the rcc, but we certainly didn’t yearn for it like #typicaljules does for a drink at 10:00 in the morning. it was always a little too unexpectedly crunchy and the rice was always a little burnt and there were always chicken bones that mom had neglected when picking apart the chicken, so its understandable that i would be a little hesitant to suggest it to the group, and i probably wouldnt have if it wasnt such an obvious solution to our conundrum. luckily our variation turned out to be infinitely better than anything mom had ever whipped up (sorry hollz <3).

willie took the wheel tonight and started to start boiling some water for the basmati rice that he had bought at Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks earlier. after the getting the rice going, he fetched our, now two-night old, rotisserie chicken. i am not going into details, but i will say that there is a reason the super market cant sell those chickens a day old, two-nights is the max fellas. by the time he had cut all of the white meat off the bird, the rice was finished, and i had finished dicing that tomato that we found earlier. NOTE: watch video of cute girl properly dicing the onion, and repeat (with a tomato in place of the onion) to achieve equally awesome effect with tomato. we then poured the rice into a cassarole dish and spread the chicken evenly on top. willie had the bomb-ass idea of generously sprinkling some old bay seasoning on the chicken, which added the much needed spice that was missing in renditions i had eaten before. on top of the chicken we put some of the diced tomato (what was  left over we added to the salsa fresca that had been chillin in the fridge for a couple of days). then sprinkled some of  the “mexican blend cheese” that we had in the fridge and grated the rest of the pepper jack that we used earlier that week when we made panninis. after poppin’ the rcc in the oven we also realized that we had some left over oven fries from the other night that would accompany the rcc swimmingly.

after the rcc cooked in the oven for a little biddie and the fries nuked in the wave for a couple of minz we were ready to go. once again a great success!! the rice chic cass was awesome to say the least. we all left very satisfied especially after enjoying andrew’s after dinner surprise.



reciperies here


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