If you think about it, Sunday is just one letter away from Funday

Aight so here are the reciperies and directions for what we made for Sunday night’s life-altering meal:

greek salad:

a bag of pre-washed dark, leafy greens [you can use what ever brand or combination, but ours was pretty good, just sayin’]

some greek dressing [Ours is the original, so ummmm…]

a heaping handful of pita chips [they’re the crutons ;P ]

maybe like a quarter cup of feta cheese? [you’re smart enough to figure it out, dawgggg]

Basically just put the greens into a big serving bowl, crumble the pita chips into big pieces and then sprinkle that young feta onto the s’lad. Drizzle on your desired amount of dressing and BAM! You got yourself a muh fuckin’ salad.


1 lb ground lean beef [we don’t look this good on accident]

Old Bay seasoning [we’re basically addicted to this stuff, but the ingreds show crack so that explains a lot]

salt [what doesn’t have salt in it, am I right? LAWL]

We made four patties out of the 1lb and then sprinkled the two seasonings on each. Grill that shit however you want. Ours took a while ’cause our coals were a little on the cold side, probably because our chillness rubbed off on ’em. This reciperie is pretty simple but it’s #sickashell so I ain’t complainin’.

The other things (potato wedges and chicken breast) weren’t remixed that much, just some fro-zone taters and grilled chicken breast with a little bit of greek seasoning on it.


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