So this literally just happened and we’re all still in shock. Col’s enchiladas were tasty to the max. I don’t even know why I’m writing about this because words cannot describe the insanity of these enchiladas. We’ve already spit-balled some ideas about Colin opening up an enchiladaria (that’s enchilada stand for us gringos) so we’ll figure out those logistics later. All I’m saying is he’s putting our cooking to shame. Our greek salad has nothing on these enchiladas. Oh yeah and totes forgot to mention the spanish rice and re-fried beans topped with cheese! The three make a crumbalievable combo and I’d like to reiterate that no human language can communicate how high the #taste-ocity of this mexican cuisine rises. I’m gonna talk to Col and get some precise measurements of this recipe so don’t worry, these can be made in your home!

contently full


reciperie here


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