pizza night! #typicaltuesdays

You know that day during the week that kinda sucks worse than Wednesday because it’s the day before it? No, no I’m not talking about Monday, but that was a good guess. I’m talking about Tuesday. We’re totally drained from having two days of classes (except Ty because he’s 2kool4skool), and of course all the household chores we have (we’re still finishing up the decor). So after I got home from work I was pooped per ush. I sat down with the gang and we evaluated our hunger pangs, we decided we wanted dinner soon, but what to make? We all gave up quickly once the word ‘pizza’ was brought up and surrendered our taste buds to ordering Domino’s.

After we decided to order our pizza online (online coupons like a boss), Andrew walked down the catwalk to the kitchen and discovered something magnificent: the mouse trap had snared a devilish critter. The mouse we’ve been after just like Nathan Lane in Mousehunt was caught! After running down the catwalk with my usual, graceful agility, I jumped in for a pic with rodent as an in-your-face to that damned mouse. kisses bitch </3

Following a trip to the atm and Walgreens for bleach, the pizza arrived and we didn’t know where to begin. The thin crust cheese? The pepperoni? the chicken wings that Jacob added to our order? It was so impossible to decide I think I blacked out because I don’t remember where I started, but I do remember the terrible feeling when it was all gone. That feeling you get when your brain recognizes how full you are. Oh. My. Glob.

One may say “I thought this was like a cooking blog or something and you guys are ordering pizza” and to that I say this: fuck you, dude! The important part was that we ate together as a family, nay a fam. A fam that, through thick and through thin (crust in this case! LOL)  we stick together! God bless I’m out.

Stay thirsty my friends,


reciperie here


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