Welcome to thehousekitchen!

What up y’all! We are thehousekitchen, a conglomeration of handsome, fit, dashing, intelligent, do-gooders who reside in an apartment in Chicago as well as attend UofC. We’re still in the first month of living together and I’d say we’re enjoying it considering we don’t have Mom to tell us what to do! We can swear, burp, and just do all the swag things we couldn’t do when the ‘rents were around. But this comes with a cost: Mom’s not around to cook us food! We had it easy last year in the dorms, but now we’re on our own and I know we’re in for some trouble! If you think about it, each of us is an ingredient in the dish that is thehousekitchen. We’ll share all our successes (and failures :/ ) as we learn, live, and love our kitchen.

Kind Regards,

Andrew, Willie, Tyler, and Jacob


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