pork roast florentine served over organic basmati rice

i know if i were you right now, and i just read the title of this post, i would probably skip right over it. if i were you right now, and just read the title of this post i would probably think to myself, “i guess this is just another one of those left-wing liberal mainstream media outlets that is totally out of touch with the american people.” but guess what. the title of this post was meant to be deceiving. instead of making a super fancy and extremely difficult to make dinner tonight we made a super fancy moderately difficult dinner. so take that sarah bachmann, we are in touch with our fellow americans, (and fellow koreans for that matter) and we understand that most busy hard working blue collar people have no longer than 3 hours to devote for preparing dinner a night. so read on to find out how we cut a couple of corners and made this redonkulous meal without the blood sweat tears, well maybe there was a little bit of that last one going on.

so i cant remember whether we have told you all about our epic trek to the la grange trader joe’s in the in our 14′ foot u-haul truck named virginia, but basically it happened, and we picked up lot a lot of awesome food. trader joe’s, if you dont know, is sick (we may very well find it necessary to divulge all of said-sickness to you in a future post, but for now you are going to just have to trust me). one of the greatest things that trader joe’s does, besides everything, is frozen food. needless to say, when i came across the frozen pork florentine i threw it in the cart. fast forward two weeks, stock is running low, and we dont know what to do for dinner. then, @themostchillbro remembers the pork fleur. after a little rummaging around we found some rice, basmati rice none the less. “wait, isnt that exactly what happened last time, did you just copy and paste that line from the last post you wrote.” yea it basically is the same thing that happened last time, and yea maybe i did copy and paste (#plagiarism), but guess what, no one cares, basmati rice rules. rice is an incredibly dynamic ingredient. like pasta, its a great ‘filler’ to add to a meal when you arent sure that you have enough food for all of the hungry mouths seated expectantly at the kitchen table. our frozen pork was a decent size, but no way was going to fill me, andrew, and a very hungry willie (jacob was busy being chewed on by other things tonight – “wait does that make sense?” yes, it does). the hard part was done and we were only 30-40 minutes away from a delicious meal, or so we thought.

you should be warned that when i said this meal was ‘moderately difficult’ to make i wasnt trying to crack a funny, this frozen pork is ‘moderately difficult’ to make. maybe not as ‘moderately difficult’ as i thought it might be, after initially reading the directions on the back of the packaging and confusing the word ‘internal’ for ‘interval’ and the word ‘moisture’ for ‘moistness,’ wait, scratch that, they actually used the word ‘moistness’ in the cooking instructions. luckily, willie cleared things up and the directions became that much more understandable #dyslexia. even after everything was resolved on the instructions-front, we were still a long way away from eating. i am not going to bore you with the specifics of why the friggen thing took so long (i will let the reciperie post take care of that), but i will tell you that we started cooking around 7:45 and finished at 10. regardless, it was flucking good.

we seasoned the rice with a little old bay, per ushe, which complimented the flavoring of the roast beautifully. i will admit that the pork may have been a tad overdone (make note of this when cooking it yourself), but it was still exactly what my tastebuds had been yearning for all day. once again a great kitchen sucess.

tmoney out.


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