Autumn Medley

So guys this one goes way back to the good ol’ days of last year when my good friends Colin and Will were making a batch of a fall favorite, candy corn and peanuts. The two conquistadors of sex dubbed this cherished snack “autumn medley”. Andrew and I went to Walgreens to get some bleach for Ty and we passed the Hallows Eve candy already on sale. 2 for $3? I couldn’t afford not to buy it. We came back to #thehousekitchen and I whipped up a batch, carefully trying to balance the ratio of peanuts to candy corn. I took a whole bag of candy corn and shook it up in some tupperware with peanuts, adding more if needed. My desired ratio of p’s to cc is just enough peanuts so you always grab a little peanut when you grab some canday. We used honey roasted peanuts and it’s a great alternative to boring ol’ salted peanuts. Basically we ate all of it by the end of the night and we have nothing to be ashamed of ‘cuz this shit was über güd.

Tip: You can pretty much add any sort of snack component you want to this (raisins, sunflower seeds, m&ms, mini marshmallows, various other dried fruits, etc) ‘cuz all you need for it to be autumn medley is candy corn so just make sure that’s there. or else.


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