#grilled2perfection the reciperie

This is basically what went down on Saturday night. We grilled some burgers and chicken breasts, made another greek style salad (remixed) and some rice. The burgers aren’t anything y’all haven’t already learned from us and the rice was zataran’s brand rice (shhhhh) but the salad deserves to have it’s own reciperie!

greek chicken s’lad:

2 chicken breasts [go ahead, give ’em a squeeze]

1 plethora of dark, leafy greens [when it comes to greens, the dark side is best]

greek dressing [it’s left over from our other s’lad]

Some of that young feta [LL’s deodorant kinda looks like feta….]

garlic salt [warn your vamp friends]

salt/pepper [they’re still married after all these years on Blue’s Clues!]

4 tbsp (approx) EVOO [fuck you, Rachel Ray]

we grilled the chicken as we said before, but to marinate it, we took a zippy bag and put the olive oil in it followed by the garlic salt, salt, and pepper. There aren’t measurements for these cuz it’s pretty much your preference how seasoned you want it. We probably used about 1/4-1/2 tsp of garlic salt and a lot of pepper. The breasteses marinated for like 20 mins or something but you can marinate longer if you’re into that kinda thing (kinky). After grilling it, let it set and cool for a couple mins and then karate chop them into relatively thin slices. You can also use a knife if you’re not karate masters like we are. Mix together your greens, feta, and greek dressing and then add the chicken. We liked how the chicken didn’t taste like the dressing. It just gives more dynamacy (it’s a word now!) to the dish.


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