saturday night fever #grilled2perfection

So yesterday I’m at work, on my hw grind for like 4 hours straight, which made me super hungry. We invited Megz and #typicaljules to come over for dinner and I was so glad they said yes because they haven’t been to the house in a couple eons at least (plus or minus a couple eons). At this point, it’s about 5:30 and I’m 30 mins from freedom. I remember back to when we were grocery shopping the day before and we purchased enchilada ingreds for Col’s recipe and I thought we were making them so I’m salavating ‘n shit and so I axe Jules aka #typicaljules aka Tips to grab us some sals on her way over because I think we’re having mexican. When I finally got home Tyler suggests grilling out and I agree to the idea (it made sense logistically, trust me). I begin to think we won’t have much of a dinner, not knowing what else we should make. I’m also trying to be the amazing friend that I am and cook something for Tips since she’s a veg-head. But everything ended up working out really well. Ty grilled up a couple chicken breasts and we threw ’em into the salad we made. We also made a rice pilaf thingy which was riceteously righteous. I think I heard Megz and Tips say something positive about it but I couldn’t really hear much over Tyler screaming about how much he was enjoying it. It wasn’t the perfect meal, but let’s just say I’ll call it back for another date 😉

faithfully yours,


reciperie here


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