stacks on stacks on stacks (of sandwich meat)

Apparently it’s become a normal thing in our apartment to talk about what we want to make for dinner instead of actually making it. Just like #typicaljules is an internationally trending hashtag (I’m assuming), this new talk-instead-of-eat practice is trending at the house this week. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and ended up getting a nice sourdough loaf and we made some panínz which were pretty damn good. Tyler’s ended up being like 3 inches tall because he had everything on it except the kitchen sink oh wait he had that on there too (now we have to get a new sink, thanks ass hole). Andrew was watching Bridesmaids while we were cooking so we all sat down and continued watching while we ate. All those turn-the-tv-off parents out there who obviously read this blog are probably scoffing and making snide remarks about us watching tv and eating dinner at the same time, but I really don’t give a hoot. Or a holler for that matter.

I also made some cookies double choco style which I think turned out pretty well. Mark said they were, “Dense yet airy” and then proceeded to describe them using words I’d never associated with cookies before. Then Olive said that Mark was dense yet airy and we all had a laugh and a half.



love and all that shit,



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