Last night was rare, but really nice. After I got home from hanging with my brother up in Logan Square(aka hipster-bikeville), the apartment was void of all but the roomies, a sight that hasn’t been seen for a minute. Perhaps even an ill minute. We all got our homework on and relaxed in the parlor and later on in the night we moved to the kitchen. Basically what happened was we all decided we wanted a snack and what a better late night snack than a nice bowl of cereal that my mom never let me had as a kid so now I eat way too much of it. Andrew and I went with the Double F (frosted flizzakes) and Tyler poured some Honey Nut into a mug and drank it. I think Jacob just drank some kool-aid and by drank I mean added more sugar to it because Brett makes weak ass kool-aid. We all had a gay old time (no homo) and we all learned things about each other, like how Tyler hasn’t stopped eating for somewhere north of 72 hours. But who doesn’t love to eat?

namaste bitches,



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