a bad day followed by lots of hope

Yesterday was an unfortunate and gloomy day for thehousekitchen y’all. We had 2 roommates sick, so we didn’t get to cook as a fam per ushe. Our recent involvement with mice was, however, given a bit of a boost. Some dude came and plugged our holes (no homo) with some steel wool (kinda homo) so that mice couldn’t chew through. Hopefully that keeps them at bay/out of our apartment. This is just a brief update since we’ve been having a busy-ass week and shit. Tonight we’re headed to Col’s again and this time he’s making lazagna! Maybe we’ll recover from the casualties of drunk-I mean war that occurred last weekend. He just shot us a text listing off the menu and it looks pretty fuckin’ great. We’ll hit y’all up with how that goes later. Willie got a call-back for auditions for the improv group Occam’s Razor and Tyler has recovered 99% from his illness. Andrew is still a little sick and had to stay home from aulas (that means ‘classes’ in portuguese) while Jacob wore jeans, a sweater and a northface today even though it was like 75 degreez and sunny.




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