Sorry Kiefer Sutherland, this 24 was better

Throughout the many eons of existence since the Big Bang (yeah I’m a believer), there has not occurred an event such as the one that began about 26 hours ago on October 7, 2011. Then started a 24 hour period of perfection amongst a group of hip, young teens and twenty somethings. I’ll break it down for you like this. I get home from class at like 2:30 and I already know what our plan is. Have a couple drinks and go to the beach! “Surf’s up, bro!” is what I was thinking, but what happened thereafter was more like “omglolroflmaoteeheesmh”. The weather was insanely nice and Ty, Andrew, Col and I walked to the beach intent on doing a little swimming in the pleasantly warm Lake Michigan. When I say “pleasantly warm” that more or less translates to “really fucking cold” in terms of any comfortable body of water like say the ocean, a pool, or a bath. After the beach we headed back with another item on our itinerary: ENCHILADAS*.

Ty fired up the grizill and I marinated some chicken breasts and we grilled the fuck out of those things. But you know in the good way. We basically invited the whole family over and people started streaming in. Olive was the first to show up if my (unbelievably good) memory serves me correctly. Then Tips and Megz, then Sean and Paul, then Sean Paul. JK I made that up, Sean and Paul didn’t come ;). We all posted ourselves at the table (we had to pull a leaf out to make room for our big ass family which can be rivaled only by the Duggers) waiting for the ENCHILADAS to come out of the oven and I remember being so flipping hungry, that I could’ve eaten a Norse (which are much more dense than horses, therefore more impressive to eat than a horse). Of course we used Col’s spectacular reciperie for ENCHILADAS but with a couple tweaks we at thehousekitchen are mighty proud of, which include but are not limited to: grilled, marinated chicken, sauteed onions, and, of course, more dynamic equilibrium. If I were to pick one word to describe the experience that was these ENCHILADAS it would either be “Spectasticularmazing”. If those ENCHILADAS were a type of power hierarchy, they’d be a delishtocracy. If they started a worldwide political movement it would be a revolushYUM.

While our souls were bathing in the comfort of the steamy, cheezy goodness of the ‘ladas, we put some oatmeal cookie dough in the oven that Olive brought over and it quickly flattened out and became oatmeal brittle because we didn’t put enough oatmeal in it. But they still tasted pretty awesome, both pans of it were finished off by the end of the night. The end of the night actually means the start of the party.

Fast forward to this morning, I wake up to the sound of Carl and Brett duking it out in Super Smash Bros. Melee (SSBm) with PURE SKILL so I awoke Tyler and we began the preparations for a family style breakfast we had been planning. He went and grabbed some essenches from the store and after he came back we began the pancakes and crescent rolls. ColPaul brought some bacon and we fried them strips up next to the hot cakes. Tyler learned a valuable lesson about cooking bacon with your shirt off and I learned a valuable lesson about standing next to Tyler cooking bacon, which coincidentally are the same: don’t do it. Ty likes to keep the pan really hot, way hotter than I normally do because I don’t want to be attacked by molten pork fat. We tossed some choco chips, blueberries, and nanner slices onto the griddle cakes for max flavocity. Everything was done, the coffee was poured, so we all sat/chowed down. Basically up until going to work today, I wasn’t high on meth amphetamines, but more like meth amphetaCUISINES (a bit of a stretch but you get it). And it’s not even over. Tonight we are essentially having a Memorial Day party except it’s in October (we’re crazy like that). Heading to the beach, grilling burgers, sampling beers, you get the idea. More on that in another post as well as full descrips of what we cooked!

may the power of almighty Thor be with you,


*All caps are used to express the importance of this word


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