Chicken Pesto Rotini

Pesto in the hizzay, y’all! Quick recipe since we haven’t posted in a minute. Here’s how I made chicken pesto rotini the other night for the beautiful Sally.


Basil (a big ass bag of it)

olive oil (2/3 cup for the pesto and a drizzle for the chix)

pine nuts (quarter cup, plzzz)

Salt and Pepper (S&P 500)

a couple cloves of garlic (This ain’t yo Edward Cullen’s pesto)

parmesan chiz (pliz)

3 chicken breasts

rotini pasta

serves 5-7

Do it: Bring a big ass pot of water to a boil and cook your rotini as directed on the box. While you’re waiting for the pasta to cook, start the chicken. I just put three breasts into a pan and added minced some garlic as well as salt and pepper. After it browned a little I tossed into a 350 degree oven for 10 mins. For the pesto, basically just put everything except the salt and cheese into a food processor or a blender. An fp would probs be better but let’s be honest, does it look like I have an fp? I had to ride my bike to Akshaya’s to get a blender, but it worked great. So ya blend everything up and add the S&P to taste. Grate the cheese in, about a half cup (we like cheese). Blend it up more and it should be a thick, liquidy, spread type texture. Add this to the rotini and slice the chicken to put on top, then grate a little more parm on there and presto you’ve got pesto.


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