Bfast iz important

Here at thehousekitchen, we believe that breakfast is supey dupes important. You gotta be charged and ready to go at the start of the day so we’re large broponents of breakfast. We’ve kind’ve made it a thing to make breakfast every Saturday morning (or in some cases the afternoon). It’s a nice fam thing to do that gets everyone around the table at one time and lets everyone recover from an extreme night prior. We really dig hot cakes and bacon and, of course, COFFEE. If it’s not the weekend, we generally keep our cabinets stocked with cereal of many varieties because we’re in-a-hurry-hustle-and-bustle types that need the convenience of cereal. Cooking has been hard for us lately because we’ve been getting exceedingly lazy (we blame it on the decreasing temperature), but we’ll keep at it!



peace ‘n shit



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