breakin’ bread

so after a (not so) long winter break, I’m back in the kitch and getting used to cooking for myself. thanks ma and pa! The same brilliant woman who fed me all break also gave me a book about baking bread which I’ve recently opened and am now testing my abilities as a baker. The first loaf was a huge success in my book and I got a “this is pretty good” from Brett and what seemed like a slightly exaggerated “This bread is super good, Willie!” from Ty. I had to text my mom a couple times during the process to axe some q’s, but the rest was me! Basically she set me up for this shit ’cause she also gave me a nice mixer with which I used to knead the dough. If you’re lookin’ for a baker, I guess I’m now your man 😉

peace, luv, ‘n happiness,


Dis iz my bread 'n butter


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