a very chil(i) super bowl

Sup, it’s me again. As most of you who are alive know, last Sunday was the Super Bowl. We at thehousekitchen decided to invite a bunch of our friendz over to come have a jolly good time watching the big game and eating things. thehousekitchen’s favorite partner in crime, Liz Khalifa, was nice enough to bring over some chips and some homemade guac, which was literally the best moley of my entire existence on planet Earth (including my past lives, yeah I was reincarnated, a-holes). I had decided to make chili the week prior so as soon as I got home from work on Sunday, I started the stew. Ty and I went and got some grosch and came back . I basically threw a bunch of stuff in a pot and let it cook for like 3 hours and the next thing I knew, there was chili, ready for us to eat its face. Luckfully (luckily + thankfully), it went over extremely well and everybody loved it! Thank the various Jewish prophets there were tons of leftovers too so I froze some for future consumption. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! If you’re wondering what recipe I used, I just googled it for a rough idea of what was in it and then just eye balled it. I hope you’re impressed with my skillz, but you probably shouldn’t be because although this was my first attempt at chili, I’m pretty sure it’s not actually that difficult. I used about 1.75 lbs of ground meat (.75 turkey, 1 beef), a whole green bell pepper, an onion, a table spoon each of some secret spices, 2 green chili peppers, and this dried out dark red pepper that I tied to a string and let it sit in there like I was makin’ some tea. It was really cool, but I honestly don’t know if it did anything. My one tip for any potential chili challengers would be, don’t forget the coriander! It’s supey dupes important!






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