le bachelor

Sup dudes, s’me once again. Yesterday after reviewing my credit card bill and then my checking account, and then my credit card bill again, and then my checking account again, I realized that I don’t have a lot of money right now. I went to the grosche and bought some inexpensive stuff for like lunches ‘n shit like that. Basically the ingreds I got combine to create a turkey flatbread melt with pepperjack cheese and some erri-erri-erri-mixed greens. I dipped it up with some BBQ sizzauce and salsa verde. It was pretty scrumpsh I must admit. Basically I’m recommending like pita or flat bread as a remix for reg bread ’cause I know sometimes it gets boring. And no I’m not talking about my homemade bread, that’s always good, but I’ve just been too lazy to make some. So that is a tip. For you. So. Enjoy that.




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