kings eat leftovers too

Yo so let me be honest about 1 thing. I am a king among emperors, a lion among dinosaurs. Yes it’s true, I am awesome, but I mean yeah there are people a little more awesome like half of the youtube. Today was a productive day, I cleaned my room and also built a cardboard mini shelving unit. It’s. Pretty. Tight. I put a magazine cubby on it so fuck y’all haters. I got hungry for dinner time afterwards and decided to make some of the leftover super bowl chili that I put in the freezer. It took like an hour or something to thaw it out cause it was basically just a block of meat, beans, and peppers. I tossed it in a pot and was like “I thawed this wouldn’t take this long!” Best believe I am still laughing at that one. After my chili was fully unfrozen, I made a little grilled cheese with some of my homemade bread, pepperjack cheese, and some leafy greens. It was a perfect sidekick to the chili, even though this chili already has a lot of kick! 😉


peace ‘n luv




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