U WAN FRY RIE (REMIX) + big plans

Check it. Again I am low on the foods so rice became my lunch-dinner. I decided to make fried rice again but this time with a more savory approach. REEEEEEEMIIIIIIXXXXX! I threw some beef bullion (sp?) into the rice as it cooked and flav-blasted that bitch. I sauteed some diced onions with minced garlic and then scrambled some eggs Darl style with Siracha. I was like “yeah”. I mixed the rice in and gave it a KJ aka Krazy Jane’s seasoning. Admittedly it was a little on the simple side, but I was just working with what I had so get off my back gosh. I also baked some bread but that’s like old news. Once I buy more flour I’m finna try some of the other reciperies in the book my ma gave me for xmas. thehousekitchen has big plans for this Saturday, as Suzy Q aka my mom’s brownie recipe. They’re fudging perfect. Aight I’m outtie.


peace n luv



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