Spotted: thehousekitchen making brownies

Oh contrare, madame, these brownies aren’t from a box, they’re from scratch! What’s my secret? Oh that’s something I’ll never tell 😉


That’s what I’d say if a woman asked me if the brownies that Erin, Ellen, and I made were from a box. And then what I’d say if that same woman asked me what my secret was and then I did a reference to the intro to Gossip Girls and winked. I’ll choose to ignore all the weird looks people want to give me because I know too much about GG, but I won’t ignore how great of a day Saturday was! I woke up and joined the Apartment Cleaning Coalition (ACC) and we cleaned house in this apartment. Then I was joined by the lovely Ellen and Erin (named in order of their acceptance to be in my a capella group “$istah Act”) and they helped me make some of the brownies my mom always makes! I’ll admit, I doubted our abilities in living up to the taste of Suzy Q’s brownies, but they turned out to be perfect! LITCHRALLY PERFECT! Just the way I remembered them. Then I made some loaves of bread, sprinkled some herbs in the dough and headed over to Paul and Liz’s for a potluck. omg Liz’s lazagna was so good, the evening was definitely a PILF (potluck I’d like to finish!). So shouts to the beautiful Erin and Ellen and as always the master of all things culinary Liz!

peace ‘n luv



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