The Adventures of Leap Day Willie: a short story

I think we all know a Leap Day miracle when we see one and let me tell you, yesterday was full of them. First, I woke up and it was like 60 degreez outside aka fuck yes. Secondly, it was Megz’ birthday so obvi it was a great day. I went to class like any other day, enjoying the beautiful weather and then I’m like yo Ellen let’s chill and she’s all okay! So me ‘n the lovely miss Ellen got to share some laughs which was, as always as obvi, a Leap Day miracle. The hunger pangs kick in after she leaves and I’m like yo this situation needs to be adrizzessed pronto!

I start making some pasta and I think that trying to make a cheese/cream sauce without knowing what I’m doing would be a good idea. It wasn’t. To say the least it looked pretty nasty, although it smelled good. Not wanting to waste the cheese I had shredded and subsequently melted into a creamy witch soup, I combined the sauce with some marinara sauce in a pan where I had been cooking some turkey sausage. I hedged my bets and BAM! The combo worked! Something happened…but what could it have been-OH YEAH A LEAP DAY MIRACLE! I made a butt ton and so now I have hella leftovers #swag. I also took some pita bread and cut it into triangles and baked the patoots off it. Por su puesto I topped them with olive oil, salt, pep, and garlic. Those were the fasho.

Moral of the story is Leap Day miracles are possible and they’re all around us!

Peace ‘n luv


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