A snack attack conquered

Good news, everyone. I just had the best snack of my life. It was nutritious, sweet, salty, crunchy, and creamy. I don’t know if this is a thing yet, but it definitely will be after the media gets a hold of it! I was like damn I am hungry but I don’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner wut shud I eet? I did some math and presto 1+1+1= 3. More importantly apple slices + peanut butter + honey nut cheerios = FUCK YEA. We had barely any HNCs left, certainly not enough for a bowl. So I cut up an apple into slice, put peanut butter on each and then placed some decorative HNCs on top! It was really good. So good. No prenup for this snack! This opens up so many possibilities in the snack department! Just thinking about easy remixes would be adding peanuts, candy corn, granola. Okay just spit balling but what if you took a nature valley bars and put peanut butter on them, then some thinly sliced apple? I really should be writing this down!


luv ‘n peace



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