Three dudes and a dinner

Shortly after the post I made last night I entered the kitchen to whip something up for Andrew-san, Jacob and myself. We were hungry and you know the stereotype about college-aged males when they’re hungry! They’re like… maybe a little hungrier than most. So I had to come up with something tasty and satisfying! I baked some herb bread but instead of making a loaf I made little rolls which was a ballin’ idea given to me by Andrew-san. I also made some spaghetti alfredo, and mixed with carmelized onions, bacon, and turkey sausage. I cooked the onions in the bacon grease that remained after the bacon was done, then mixed everything else in along with some sweet baby ray’s. It was savory and sweet and the onions really complemented the little bbq sauce that was in there. I tried to make a salad with these old(ish) greens that I had but they were (too) old(ish) so I threw the salad out (the window at your face). While I was in the kitchen, Jacob and Andrew were having an involved conversation and a lot of emotions and feelings were brought up. When the meal was ready I joined them and we all had a great convo, a true bonding experience for these three musketeers! As mom of thehousekitchen, there’s little that makes me more happy than sitting down with my dudes and eating a good meal.


peace ‘n luv



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