There aren’t that many times when I can say “wow, that was a lot of mayonnaise” and for that I am grateful. Andrew and I in the beat lab is the complete opposite. That is, we’re up in there all the damn time, makin’ magic on the tracks. Last night we were burning the 2 hours until midnight oil and abra-kadabra-allakhaSWAG! Following our productive sesh in the BL, we were all, “DAMN WE ONGRAY” and so I was like “yo chicken ‘n rice???”. We strut into the kitchen (you know, cuz we’re kewl) and I started some rice with some bouillon (sp?) in it. I put some chicken cutlet things into a pan with olive oil, salt, Old Bay, and sriiriririracha. After it was cooked I mixed some flour into some milk and poured that in and made a spicy (pronounced like the New York City club) gravy sauce for our chix ‘n rice. It was real real good and Andrew and I had a hearty meal fit for two bad-ass college students.

peace ‘n luv,



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