Plz plz plz don’t B mad

Y’all, please don’t be mad at me. Last night watching endless Portlandia with Colin and Ellen, I acquired the hungries and decided to use some leftover chicken to make a pita-nini (pita panini for any laymen out there who don’t know what’s is up in popular food culture. psh duh). Now this chicken, when it was originally cooked, was seasoned with Old Bay, aka The Beast of the Northeast when it comes to seasonings. I was really hungry. And when I say really hungry I mean that literally. Not like super hungry, just really hungry. So I laid some prov slices on either side of the pita, put in some genoa and sliced up the chicken. Slide that bad boy into the panini press and 5 minutes later I had myself a hot, melty dinner. “WILLIE YOU FOOL!” I thought to myself.  “You didn’t even THINK about what kind of sauce you want on this!” While attempting to remain calm, I went through the mental picture of the sauces in my fridge as quickly as possible. “Soy sauce? no. BBQ? Not this time. Some high class honey mustard? I say yea.” After deciding my sauce of choice I also squirted some sriracha on the side too just cuz.  Needless to say the meal was grandtastic as I gave the pita-nini a side of grape orbs and said hello to Dave Letterman. All was at peace.




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