Madness? This is FAJITAS LOCOS

“So about dinner at ur place tonight,” read a text from the most typical of the typicals. From a young age, Typical Jules found solace in knowing that I was cooking for her. She knows of my skills, prowess, and of course, charms. My charms are on full blast mode at all times and she was fully aware yesterday evening, that when it comes to dinner, my charms are of the charts. I admit I was hesitant to respond in any one way to this text because I wasn’t sure how much food we had for these FAJITAS LOCOS, but Jules offered to BHOB (bring her own beans), as she said. Quantity was no longer and issue so deliciousness was really the only thing missing (because I hadn’t made anything yet).

When I got home, Colin and I decided that we’d roast the peppers and onions he got on the grill as the grill’s inaugural Spring performance.  After giving the grill a nice refreshing change of coals, we got the fire started and the coals burned hot with the fiery passion of my Latin  (Polish) soul. Peppers and onions aside, I heated up some beans (jàlëpéñø and black) in a pot and cooked the beef cutlets in a pan. Although it took a bit longer to roast the peppers they turned out magnificently and after all our FAJITAS LOCOS were put together with cheese, chalula, and charm (obvi), we sat/chowed down, while sipping only the finest white wine that comes in an oversize bottle. Critics called the meal, “Wacky, yet sophisticated. A meal I definitely won’t forget. 5 sherpas out of 5” and “A ballsy attempt at recreating 1920’s era prostitution in fajita form that went off without a hitch”. So all ‘n all it was a great meal and I was siestafied (satisfied to the point of needing a siesta).


peace ‘n luvs



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