Good gosh, allash, homes, what a weekend! Gr8 times 4 all. Let me just say thank you to my fave new ladies for gracing me with their presence. 

So Saturday morning I’m like “ya, I’m pretty hungry” and after a cup of coffee I changed the existence of all matter with one decision. I put honey on Cheerios. HEY! settle down! I realize it’s never been done before and yes, I am utterly insane for thinking of that, but it’s over and done with so just cool it. Yes, I drizzled honey on a bowl of Cheerios. Yes, I already notified General Mills of my idea and am awaiting a check for $4 billion because of all the money they’ll make from my idea.

Me making a fortune wasn’t the only notable achievement in thehousekitchen that faithful day. Utilizing some of the fabulous pesto that Colin’s mom made (THANK YOU, COLIN’S MOM), I made a savory and creamy dish from tri-colored rotini and pesto mixed with milk, flour, and butter. It was exactly how I wanted it to turn out, even though I just threw the milk, butter, and flour in without measuring it. I literally through in quantities from across the room. Needless to say, there was a huge mess due to my bad eye and gimp arm causing me to miss 99% of the time. But the 100th throw did the trick and wow was that some great pesto.

I’ve also made so much bread this weekend that you might consider me a “frequent baker”, a term that honors only few in the world, certainly none that are still alive. Feelin’ good though, the fridge is full and I’m loving it.


peace ‘n love,



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