Bromance at it’s finest…well almost

Let me frame this for y’all. Just had what seemed like a long-ass day. The apartment is empty other than me, myself, and Ivan the Poltergeist. I was ‘ungray as hell so I’m all “Pasta ‘n redsauce/whitesauce ” so I went to the kitch to get it started. I’m thinking to myself that this will be a one course meal, but then guess who comes strutting through the door. None other than my former and current roommie Colin. He’s carrying with him multiple grocery bags and says “Salmon was on sale so I got some”. That got the ball rollin’! Hearing that got my energiez up and while the pasta was cooking I threw togeth a salad with red onions, greens, and carrots (julian’d bitch).  That of course was paired with the peach-poppy-seed dressing that Col got last week. Simps Delish. Colin cooked the salmon with butter, lime juice, and some lime seasoning. It was supes fuckin’ good. While cooking Colin said jokingly “We’ll have a nice romantic dinner.” I offered to light a candle and we had a nice, hetero chuckle. Right as the food is ready, Annina walks in and TOTALLY ruined the ratio. i.e. the ratio of no ladies which was bromantic as hell. At least she brought some good stories from Fracas, but i mean whatevs.  All in all my belly is full and my mind is happy.





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