willie’s big weekend

I would be hella remiss if I didn’t blog about this weekend in thehousekitchen. She got quite the workout with all the culinary action she got ;). To start this one off I’ll tell y’all the tale of Saturday night. Saturday I invited the lovely Ellen over for dinner and picked some stuff up at TI and got the idea to make some ‘za when I saw a pre-made pizza crust. The answer is ‘yes’, I probably can make my own pizza dough, but I didn’t have enough time so get off my back will ya? When Ellen arrived we began cooking the double flavved pizza. On one side would be a pesto spinach topping and the other bbq sauce and red onion. I tossed some chicken on both sides cause it’s good. This time I actually was able to delegate somethings (probs more like 1 thing) to my at-the-moment sous chef Ellen. She was very adamant about helping and I have been improving my delegation skillz like a bauss (double meaning). So basically the pizza kicked fucking ass and if you’re wondering, the answer is again a resounding ‘yes’, there was dessert. Ellen cut up some Straub-berries (intentional misspelling for Will Spengler) and I whipped up some whipping cream with le kitchenaid. We added black berries and blue berries to the strawberries and topped it with the whipped cream and BAM. Healthy ass dessert. When all was said and done (more like eaten! LOL) we were satisfied and were able to enjoy the glory that is the Bollywood classic Singham.


While I was at TI on saturday picking up some grosch, I grabbed a can of black beans and tonight for dinner I made myself something reminiscent of what I might mistakenly imagine as fine Cuban cuisine. I made what could be the Cuban equivalent of a KFC bowl, so less Kentucky Fried Chicken and more King Fidel Castro. It was rice topped with black beans, shredded cheese, some L.O. chix from the ‘za and chalula sauce. Not only was it easy but it was also peasy as well as lemon squeezy. After that I tried to fry up some bananas but that failed miserably and now the shame looms over my head like the festive Sunday hats over church ladies in the comic strip Curtis. I will survive though, especially since this weekend was BOTW!





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