A roommate opens up willie’s heart to the beauty of green beans

“Hey man, have you thought about dinner?”  I heard this utterance from Colin “Gadget Guy” Lethem as he entered the living room where Ellen and I were about to watch the newest episode of 30 Rock. I responded with the good, honest truth. “No, I haven’t you are my best friend and roommate let’s do team works in the kitchen for make dinner”. Colin was nice enough to let the episode run its course and then I joined him in the kitchen. He pulled out a frozen bag of green beans which were flash frozen from his mamamia’s garden-ia. We decided to make some pasta and orange sauce as well as some chicken and garlic toast in addition to the green beans. “I’m not much of a green bean person,” I said, breaking the news to Colin who was excited about his little slice of home-pie. “Just try one” he said after cooking them in what I can only imagine was some sort of magical sauce. They were the best green beans I had ever tried and I decided to eat some. Although the 5 year old who hates veggies in me wouldn’t let me finish them ( I gave my remaining beans to Col), it was a rich experience in which I learned that preparation can make or break a dish. I came out of it a little more keen on green beans and I hope that from this day on, green beans and I can have a loving relationship, just like the one Colin has with them. Like I’m not using the ‘L’ word or anything, but let’s just say that I’d be willing to get coffee with them and learn about their interests.





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