Local chef riffs off his pizza theme of last weekend

The sun is about to set. 1800 hours. I’m buttz hungry at this point. No one can stop my stomach from controlling my body and making me do things against my will. I walked into the kitchen, ideas splashing around in my head like dolphins playing in the ocean. What foods do I choose? Obviously a combination of things. But of what? Now, I’m no Wolfgang Puck, I don’t do fancy shmancy things. I’m kinda like a mix of Sandra Lee and Giada de  Laurentiis, I keep it simple and have a gigantic head (respectively). So I’m up in this bitchen and I’m like, “What” to the tortillas, italian cheese, uncured pepperoni (courtesy of Mamamia Calvino) and some cilantro. Presto bango muther fockers, I made pizza-dillas. I dipped them in some marinara sauce and my mouth was like a Capodanno party. Remember when I asked all those ingreds, ‘what’? Well I got my answer and it was “mmhmm yes plz more thx.”



peace ‘n luv



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