Most people think of me as the chillest person they know and that is for good reason. Well, I hate to disappoint all my adoring fans but this time, themostchillbro heated up the kitchen by makin’ some bomb-ass chili. I wanted to make a buttload of food all at once and I figured the best way to do that was to make chili because you can freeze it and shit and it’s great on almost anything. I bought a couple LB’s of beef, a couple peppers, an onion, and some seasonings and I simmered all of it for like 3 hours. What resulted was a magnificent batch of chili. But it didn’t end there. I also baked four mini loaves of bread and hollowed them out to make bread bowls. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is “no, I never worked at a Panera Bread, but yes I have been offered several positions there.” Basically I loved it. Andrew loved it. That’s all I really need to be satisfied.



peace n luv



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