Land of the free and home of the DOUBLE GRILLZ

A little late on this post but I know y’all will forgive me because I’m so handsome. Last Monday was Memorial Day and as millions of Americans spent their day off indoors with the shades down per usual, we at thehousekitchen decided to do things a little differently. We broke out both grills and had a cook-out! How atypical Memorial Day is that? I know we’re rebels, but we do have a cause. That cause is chillin’ out and having a good time with friends. We accomplished this x1000. Colin and Andrew got a butt-ton of meat and other necessities at TI and from there we commenced the cooking. As col prepared veggies, I fired up both the grills (A regular sized one and a mini one) in order to cook the huge amount of food. I think we had close 8 metric tons of chicken alone, which would normally be a lot, but we had invited Supermodel Heidi Klum who is notorious for eating massive amounts of poultry in single sittings. Unfortunately she never came so we got to enjoy the burgers, brats, chicken, corn, peppers, and onions all to ourselves. Due to the overwhelming amount of meat and the upper 90’s temperature, I got one of the worst cases of meat sweats ever recorded by an unlicensed physician. Thankfully, I did recover fully and am now ready to tackle more grilled meat. Liz made a red, white, and blue cake with strawberries and blue berries atop white frosting. I’ve chosen the following words to describe how delicious that cake was: holymotherfuckthisisgood, icantfeelmyfeetanymore, and lastly, but certainly not least, Zeuswouldbecomemortalforasliceofthiscake.


Since I operated two grills at the same time, simultaneously cooking multiple food groups, the Grilling Association of the Americas and Parts of Wyoming (GAAPW), officially made me a Grill Master, an extremely prestigious title. I have to be careful though because this title can be stripped at any moment if I do not fulfill my grill duties properly! Get out there and grill!



peace n luv





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