thehouskitchen goes abroad

You don’t even need to say it. You miss thehousekitchen. Well, thehousekitchen misses you too. thehousekitchen’s own @themostchillbro has been abroad for the past couple weeks in Angra do Heroismo so actual operations in Chicago are unknown. But there is good news, there’s still cooking going on in a kitchen, just not the normal one. The new kitchen is a bit smaller, a bit less equipped and in the middle of the Atlantic.


I went grocery shopping here and got some of the basics and ended up whipping up an egg sandwich with chicken and cheese on garlic toast. The ‘wich was kabla’am to say the least and it proved to me that I can cook just about anywhere with my same down home style. Unfortunately I can’t whipped up many fancy things because the oven here doesn’t have a temp setting nor does it have a thermometer. The range is a bit temperamental as well. But isso é a vida.


Something else to mention. I’m not the only foodie here. Sofie and Jo are both into cooking and Jo is a home brewer, as well as quite the bad ass.


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