Hakuna Frittata

With my sparse ingreds and the ill-equipped kitchen here in Angra I became at peace with the world. Let’s rewind to me doing a bad ass workout at a play ground. Workin’ up a sweat, gettin’ it like nobody’s biz. Did i imagine myself looking like vin diesel doing pushups? Yes. Did I look nothing at all like vin diesel doing pushups? yep. I planned to make din right after getting back at close to 8 but then I got distracted by X factor. luv that stuff. So by the time it was 10 I was starving and decided to combine all the powers at be to create oven baked goodness. It felt like an eternity but it was finally ready and I dove right in. Just to be clear this frittata  was equipped with chicken, cheese, pasta, garlic, some salt, and i topped it with some pasta sauce. It was dec considering the ingreds were not the highest quality and I gave myself a figurative pat on the back for it. You know while people were around at least. Then came the real one.



peace ‘n luv,



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