4th of July Jambalaya

Jo and I are a force to be reckoned with in the muh fuckin’ kitchen. Yesterday, we made a 4th of July dinner to celebrate Independence Day abroad. Sofie made a ballin’ ass pasta salad, Krishna whipped up some watermelon daiquiri type shits (mmm mmm!) and Ana got us some hot dogs from the air force base in Praia. As for Jo and I, we positioned ourselves in the 2nd floor kitchen after our oven ran out of gas. Jo’s vision consisted of baked fish in butter, rosemary, milk, and white wine. I fried up a big ol’ pan of peppers, leeks, sausage, and cured pork while I cooked some rice and beans. When all themz was done I mixed ’em together and added some secret seasonings (shhh 😉   ).  Jo’s fish took what seemed like too long but DAMN was it good. The onions in the pan with the fish alone were cooked to perfection, they almost outdid the fish, but not quite. We all had our fill and then there was Ana’s cookies ‘n cream AND peanut butter ice creams. omgomgomgomg. Land of the free, bitches.



peace ‘n luv,



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