You sand-WISH

So with my limited ingredients I’ve been tinkering with a sandwich type thing that’s not really a traditional sandwich so I’ll call it a sangwiche. Now, a sangwiche is 2 pan-scrambled eggs in plenty of butter, or for that matter bacon grease. Either will work, but obvi y’all know my preference ;). In that same buttery/greasy pan, put some crusty breat down and build a sandwich on their with the eggs and bacon, add some cheese, swiss goes nice on it but obviously any cheese you prefer you can use, no one will care (except God). Basically at this point you’re making pan friend sandwich (hellooooo grilled cheese much?). Put anything else on there if you want, I haven’t done this cause I don’t have an onion, but I was thinking caramelized onion. Once it’s browned on both sides and the cheese is nice and melty, put ‘er on a plate and then here’s what makes it not quite your traditional, take-me-by-the-hands sandwich: I heat up some pasta sauce (love me some Newman’s) and pour it on top. Since this bitch is saucy, fork and knife make it easier but like yeah if you want to use your hands be my guest, I ain’t yo momma. It’s pretty great though.


peace ‘n luv



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