Last night I decided to make tacos for the gang. K80 Cal came over as well as TyGuy. Col was there…but he’s…y’know. Anyways, after thinking I had to wait to start cooking for some ingreds that Colin and Ty went to go get, I figured out that I probably should’ve started cooking earlier. Nice going, me! LOL! I fried, salted, and peppered soft corn tortillas and then got them take the taco shape by letting them dry on the edges of the casserole dish that I would later bake the tacos in (Dave’s trick). Carmelized some red onion and cooked some beef with chili powder and salt and pep. Put those warlocks into the shells with some Monterrey jack cheese and put ’em all in the oven. 5 minutes later I opened the oven and there was seriously a Reese’s Puffs commercial going down, but for tacos. Like everyone was like “GO TACOS GO TACOS GO!” and I was all “There aren’t enough for everyone here” and then most of the people had to leave but my original guests. I kinda felt bad, but then again they did show up unannounced so it’s not my fault.


peace ‘n luv



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