I brought the brats, bra

So get this, it was Friday and I could def feel it in my bones. I was thinkin’ “hmmmm maybe beer brats and babes?” so I get the plan initiated via textual messages to various ladies as well as various men, all of whom are babes. People are excited. I can tell. I am very perceptive with things like that. I’m on cloud nine, preparing for this event and then texts start to come about people not being able to come until later and at this point I’ve already started making food. It was too late. I couldn’t stop. I was on fire. Or rather the coals in the grill were ;). I soaked some brats in some MHL for that true Wisconsin flavor. I prepared a gourmet salad by moving a store bought salad into a bowl. voila, salad.  Anyway the food became ready for ingestion and lo and behold everything worked out perfectly. That was a bid exaggerated, but needless to say, people had a good time at thehousekitchen.



peace ‘n luv



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