“I think this is probably the most proud of you I’ve ever been.” The words took a second to really sink in. Tyler’s face held with a smile and he continued chewing. The paper towel caught any of the dark pieces of debris that fell. 2 hours earlier I began making cookies, but these cookies were not ordinary. For they were truly extraordinary. I went to OPro to buy some vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and some ice cream. When the friendly neighborhood OPro employee asked me what I was making I told him I would be making chocolate chip cookies and then was going to make ice cream sandwiches out of them. “That sounds….really good!”. I left knowing that my plan was already amazing. When I began making the dough I thought “might as well make these double chocolate” and added some cocoa powder. Then I thought, “Might as well make these even better” and added a scoop of espresso powder. Before I knew it they were coming out of the oven and making the kitchen smell like the bakery in Valhalla (I know they have one). Tyler ate one and laughed. Knowing my plan he said “These are already so good.” I smiled and took solace in the fact that they’d get even better. The finished product was absolutely amazing, vanilla ice cream encased in two double chocolate chip espresso cookies. If you want one, text me and come over and I’ll give you one :).


peace ‘n luv



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