I can’t hear you over all my awesome

Okay guys, this is kinda hard to say, but I’m about to blow your minds. You may want to make me some sort of demi-god after this. Maybe like a demi-god’s younger, less powerful cousin. I’d be cool with that. What I created was something of a game changer. And when I say game changer, I mean universe changer. thehousekitchen will never be the same. I made some cookies. But these cookies required that I ask my new homie Rawan if she was a vegetarian. You see where I’m going with this? Cookies + meat? Yeah I put bacon in the fucking cookies. My only complaint? There wasn’t enough bacon. I was too afraid, I’ll admit it. I was too hesitant to just go all the way and fill those motherfuckers with pieces of salty heaven. So, next time I attempt these, which may even be Saturday or something, I’ll be putting more bacon in them. Go ahead and bow down if you want, I can’t stop you. Now that I’m an honored human being inducted into the hall of fame of living beings, it feels pretty good, I gotta say.



peace ‘n luv



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