My new favorite magic trick

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with magic, but it definitely happened in thehousekitchen tonight. I get home from work and after stopping at TI I went on a run to clear my thoughts and to seem cool and athletic. The only thing faster than me on my run was a pair of words: chicken salad. Oh but here comes their friend grilled. Grilled chicken salad mutha fuckas. I fired up the grill as soon as I got back, and as always, the coals were taking abominably long. Finally, I got the chicken that I had marinated in olive oil, Old Bay, Worcestershire sauce, and pepper onto the grill and let the cooking commence. Whilst that was doing it’s thang, I made some salad dressing with balsamic vineger, olive oil, salt, pep, and honey mustard. I shook that ball jar like a Polaroid picture. When everything was assembled it lived up to be more than I expected from myself. I had performed magic. Look out David Copperfield, I’m comin’ for ya.


peace ‘n luv


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