Fried chicken has acted as the glue of society in recent months, especially here in Chicago where the news brings wind of more violence. I decided to contribute to the noble cause of supporting my community by making some friend chicken. Thanks to an ol’ pal of mine (Danny Cheeeeezzzz), I got the idea for cheerio fried chicken. I double breaded that shit, bitch, you already know. 4 mins on each side and that mutha clucka was DONIONS! Kelsay smelt it. Colin smelt it. And I dealt it. I sliced the chicken and topped it on my already famous honey mustard topped spinach and herb salad. I don’t think I really need to say it. Oh you want me to say it? If you insist. THAT SHIT WAS KRAY. I flew the coop. I shook my tail feather. I cockadoodledoo’d. nuff said.




peace ‘n luv



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