A little razzmatazz

After a quick bout of depression this week (it’s a special kind many doctors would call “not depression”) I decided to cheer myself up, go on a run, clean this bitch, and then cook a ballin’ ass meal. Since I’ve been pretty big into salads ‘n shit, I decided to switch up my homemade dressing recipe and move to the fruity side of things, specifically the raspberry department. I’ve known for a while about the excellent pairing of dark leafy greens and raspberry vinaigrette so that became the base of my dinner. The vinaigrette was balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a little salt, and a little sugar. As well as some raspberry preserves. I thought “the fuck goes good with raspberry?” and then was like “fuck yea pork”. I got me some pork tenderloins, like the nice kind. Salt, pepper, old bay on the pork, pan fried them. Then I made a raspberry sauce for the pork with raspberry preserves (the same kind i used for the dressing), balsamic vinegar, and some red wine. I let that simmer for a couple minutes and it thickened up. All together it was an amazing adventure through raspberry land and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


peace ‘n luv





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