A burger by any other name

I won’t lie to you, I only barely know that was a Shakespeare reference. But my lack of knowledge concerning Shakespeare has nothing to do with my knowledge of triumph and success, two things achieved last night with my two new friends Ale and Chris. The idea for our dinner started out per uzh, as a fledgling idea that could only barely survive due to its inherent potential. “We should get these buffalo burgers sometime,” suggested Ale while we shopped at O Pro. At almost 7 bucks for one patty, I said yes but with a slight cringe. We decided last night was the night to commence Operation Gourmet Burgzone. Our first delight was finding out that each of the packages had to burgers in them to which Ale responded “double stack?” So yeah we def stacked those warlocks and put some pecante provolone in between with a baked parm crisp on top. Caramelized onions, dark leafy greens, tomato and avocado all on toasted sour dough brought our brainchild to fruition. I was honestly surprised we weren’t arrested because I definitely didn’t have the permits for the demolition. The demolition of my taste buds from flavor explosions. We tried to gauge how much burgers like those would cost at a restaurant and we concluded about $20 but in my humble opinion, they were priceless. For about two hours post-din, I periodically reminisced about the burger shaped piece of heaven I ingested. The gods were happy, the people were happy, and the universe was at peace.

peace n luv



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