In elementary school, pizza parties were an essential motivation for just about anything the teachers wanted us to do. How am I going to get all these 8 year olds to do what I want? PIZZA PARTYYYYY. Pizza parties were great back then and they’re still baller as fuck. Last night we ended up having a bit of a pizza party by accident. Ale and I were gonna make some za’s and slowly throughout the day, more people joined the attending roster and when the time came, we had a good 8-10 peeps deep up in that pizza pie. I made three pizzas. The first was alfredo sauce with spinach. The second, a barbecue chicken pizza with caramelized onions. And the third was a traditional pizza sauce with purple bell peppers, onions and chicken. Of course all three were assembled on my homemade dough. I brushed the crusts with garlic butter. After tasting that I wanted to make out with myself because it was so good, but alas, I could not. Everyone was like “yo this pizza is off the CHAIN, way to hook it up, b!” Of course I blushed like the real OG I am and said thanks to all. Ale made caiparinhas and they were amaze! Recently Ale has been bartender number 1 in my book. We also discussed the possibility of starting a young food truck outside the Reg. I don’t know maybe it could work, don’t shoot our dreams down gosh.



peace ‘n luv



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