A boy becomes a man

Some people would call me a late bloomer because I didn’t become a man until yesterday. This, of course, refers to the fact that I hadn’t made mind blowingly good chili until last night. The variables were absolutely perfect for making chili. It was chilly outside, it was a Sunday, and there was football playing. This was like when warlocks need black magic power and they have to wait for all the planets to align, but you know for chili. I head to the store and I decide to mix it up a little and get things leaner, so I pick up some ground turkey, but I also went for the turkey bacon. Some people don’t like turkey bacon and I think that’s just plain bigotry. Add red/green bell peppers, white onion, jalepeños, some beans, and diced tomatoes and I was ready. When I was about to grab the big pot we have that almost seems specifically designed to created huge quantities of chili, it was gone. The top was there but I don’t know where the pot itself went. It was truly a mystery. I called my boi Sherlock but he couldn’t come into town until later this week so I had to use a smaller pot. This doesn’t mean the chili was compromised in anyway though. I cooked the turkey with taco seasoning, salsa, and some BBQ sauce, then added some chicken stock and the tomatoes and let that bitch simmer while I cooked the onions and peppers in a pan that had just had the turkey bacon cooked in it. Everything being diced, I added the turkey bacon and veggies to the big mix and let it simmer for a little over two hours, stirring occasionally. My kind friend Ale was generous enough to bring over some Med rolls which went perfectly with the finished product. We topped it with some shredded cheese and went to town. Downtown. Downtown Ground (turkey) Town. My skills at times are a gift and a curse because while this chili turned me (officially) into a man, there was barely any left because everyone liked it so much. Ugh my life is crazy sometimes. xoxo



peace ‘n luv



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