“Makin’ pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes”

Those famous words were sung by the lovable and shape-shifting magical dog Jake from my favorite cartoon Adventure Time. Although the almost poetic words were not the subject of the episode, they stuck with me, begging to become words that I could utter and be telling the truth. The idea was simple. Put bacon into some pancakes. It floated around in my mind for weeks before I made any sort of semblance of an attempt at creating the simplistic bliss that is bacon pancakes. Yesterday as I commuted to work, I thought about what I wanted to consume for supper and my mind veered toward breakfast for dinner. Jake’s wondrous voice popped into my head and I then knew that it was destiny; I would make bacon pancakes.

On my way home from work I picked up the proper supplies. Some will be angry at me for using turkey bacon rather than traditional bacon, but I had already bought some and wasn’t about to give Treasure Island more money for different bacon when I already had some. It was more of a move of protest against their European ways than a choice of preference of one bacon over another. Obviously, creating the pancakes was easy. I used a recipe from a book by dear brother Ellis gave me and then simply plopped cooked bacon onto the hot cakes as they were cooking. They were nearly instant gratification. I was so hungry. I was satiated. I was happy. In that order. I saved the unused batter and bacon for this morning when I got to relive the magic. The sequel was just as good as the original, similar to Step Up 2 and 3 (I renounce Step Up 1’s existence for obvious reasons).


peace ‘n luv,



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